November update Herman Senior

It has been some time since we have placed a new message on our website. Unfortunately, we are not always able to do this, but here is an update on the latest developments within the company, new build and other things

Barney update

In the last update we had, we’ve visited the shipyard in Poland. The Barney would have to be extended by 3 m to increase the buoyancy of the vessel. This was done to ensure the depth of 1.80 m with a bollard pull of 30 tons. The men at the shipyard in Gdansk have worked hard to make this happen as soon as possible, and the results are showing. The entire hull was cut in half the through the middle, taken apart and put a whole new section in between of 3 meters. Now the hull is almost ready to be launched, and this will be done by the end of this week (week 48). Then another 2 weeks to continue working to get the final touch done before the hull will be towed to the Netherlands. Departure will be at week 51 according to the planning. See below some of the last pictures of the “Barney” still high and dry.

Availability vessels

The previous months, all our vessels were quite busy with work. The Baloe has been working with the cable laying vessels Installer since the beginning of the year, and have done multiple projects together. Currently, she is working with our Bommel and Installer on the Kentish Flats project in the UK. It’s expected that both ships will come available around December 15 because there will not be worked during Christmas & New Year by our client.

From April our Bommel was committed to the Bronka project in St Petersburg, Russia for Boskalis. Here she performed various activities such as ploughing, towing, anchor handling and supply. Currently, Bommel works along with Baloe on the Kentish flats offshore project, which will last until about December 15th.

Our multicat Yogi has spent the past few months in Brazil. Till the present day, she is still working on the same project at Aracruz for Van Oord. Yogi is assisting the Cutter suction dredger Castor and performs mainly anchor handling, floating pipeline maintenance, supply and ploughing tasks. Expected availability from Yogi will be around June 2015.

DMS Siskin and DMS Albatross are our two ships in the middle east and the last year they have been active in the Zakum oil field and Zirku Island in Abu Dhabi. Here, they have assisted in the construction of new islands that are intended for the production of oil. Also, they assisted in creating a new trench for a pipeline. Both ships are expected to be available again 1st week of January and are both looking for a new time charter worldwide.

Availability list Herman Senior:

BaloeAvailable week 51 – 2014 area Germany
BommelAvailable week 50 – 2014 area Rotterdam
YogiAvailable week 8 – 2015 area South America
DMS SiskinAvailable week 1 – 2015 area U.A.E
DMS AlbatrossAvailable week 1 – 2015 area U.A.E
Barney Available April – 2015 area Rotterdam

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