Diving Support

The full package Herman Sr provides complies with all D23 IMCA regulations to ensure projects can be completed with safety as a priority. Request a unique quote to get started today.
Safety First

Flexible Support For Diving Projects

Herman Sr has the capabilities to offer a fleet of diving support vessels built for multi-functionality. Integrated support for a variety of modern systems used in operations such as offshore construction is part of our service package.

How can a diving support vessel help with offshore construction projects?

The diving support vessels, or DSVs, we provide are able to have support systems in-place such as mission control, diving integration, and derisking. These pre-integrated solutions help complete projects successfully as they provide technical support for common missions performed including maintenance, pipe connecting, repairs and more.

Our diving support services are aimed at helping diving projects meet scheduled completion times with as few errors as possible. The diving support we provide includes our specialized workboats, ensuring safety during diving operations.

Additionally, we can supplant dives with our experienced team. In the past, numerous companies have conducted a wide range of successful diving projects using our services.

Finally, our full package includes time slots for both 12 and 24-hour projects. Pick a time that fits designated project schedules. We have found that this keeps teams productive without risking safety due to approaching deadlines.

The safety of your team is our top responsibility. We provide our due diligence to keep diving projects from encountering any unwanted obstacles while in the field.

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Which workboats can do this job

Shoulbuster Barney

This boat can do towing, anchor handling, dredge support, wind farm support, oil & gas support, supplying, diving support, 4-point mooring, pull pontoon

Multicat Panda

This boat can do towing, anchor handling, dredge support, wind farm support, aquaculture support, oil & gas support, supplying, diving support

Multicat Yogi

This boat can do towing, anchor handling, dredge support, wind farm support, oil & gas support, supplying, diving support

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