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Our Promise

About Herman Sr.

Reliable workboats are required to complete projects at sea successfully.

We believe a reliable vessel is one that comes with a dedicated and experienced crew and is available to meet deadlines on schedule.

That’s why we’ve made quality and dedication our top priority.

As our promise to you, we will provide the correct vessels for your project and fulfill your request on time.

Support For Your Next Project

Although we work hard to provide dependable service for marine projects, we don’t believe it should exhaust a project’s budget. Our support comes with pricing that’s unique to each project as outlined in our free project quotes.

Our fleet consists of vessels which are specialized to fit a variety of projects. We house several Multicat AHTS vessels as well as A-frames ploughs and more. The latest additions to our fleet include the DP2 Shoalbuster and Shoalbuster 2308.

We have many years of experience in marine works and think outside of the box.

Our knowledgeable staff has been helping companies complete projects successfully for over 30 years. Any questions about marine projects can be answered immediately. We are always here to help.

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We are very experienced. Our experts at our office have years of experience working on projects like yours. They can advise you and help you make your decision.

Dependable Maritime Solution Provider

We have helped companies complete both large and small-scale projects globally.
Here is a list of our current service offering:

Worldwide Towing

Tugboats provided to report to scheduled projects or emergency calls. Inspections are made daily on our equipment to assure everything is fully operational. Examples of work we can provide include project towage, offshore towing, long distance towage and more.

Anchor Handling

AHTS vessels specialized to fit the needs of most anchor handling operations. Our workboats come equipped with the necessary tools such as Hydraulic winches and pins to satisfy project requirements and handle work safely.

Oil & Gas Support

As a main service provider in the regions surrounding the United Arab Emirates, our boats have recently provided support in the Zakum oil field in Abu Dhabi. There we have carried out maintenance and support services such as diving, surveying, and supplying existing projects. We are able to provide these services globally.

Offshore Wind Support

We provide assistance with constructing and maintaining offshore wind farms and other related projects. Our workboats have supported both wind farms and tidal energy projects successfully. Included in our vessels are hydraulic pins, hydraulic cranes, and bridge equipment to meet the needs of the variety of support services we provide.

Geotechnical services

The workboats we supply can assist with hydrographic surveying, CPT, vibro core and more. Each vessel comes equipped with moonpools, adjustable survey poles, and 19-inch survey racks to safely store GPS data. Additionally, all equipment onboard is capable of connecting directly to the main power of the ship to avoid unplanned complications.

Dredge Support

One of our longest standing services. We’re providers of the proper auxiliary equipment to complete projects successfully. The auxiliary equipment required for most projects as well as guidance from our experienced team is provided in our service. In the past, we’ve aided companies with trail suction dredgers, cutter suction dredgers, backhoe dredgers, plough dredging and more.

Hydrographic services

Herman Seniors fleet can be equipped with multibeam echo sounder systems. Most workboats owned and operated by us have a moon-pool already build-in within the vessel. Surveys can be done for cables, pipelines and more

Diving support

In close cooperation with our partners, Herman Senior can supply a full diving spread in alignment with D23 IMCA regulations. When providing support we maintain a safe working environment either on 4-point mooring system or with a DP2 vessel. The full package we provide has room for both 12 and 24-hour operations.

Salvage & anchor recovery

We can recover nearly any anchor that weighs less than 50 tonnes. Additionally, recoveries can be made on vessels, barges, or crane pontoons that need to be salvaged. Towage can also be provided during emergency situations.

Questions about our services

Can't find the information you looking for, or do you have a project other than listed in our services? Just give us a quick call and we will help you the best we can.

Experience And Workboats You Can Trust

Herman Sr’s aim is to complete marine projects on schedule by providing high-quality workboats, specialized to meet the needs of most tasks.

We feel confident about providing this level of service because we invest in our workboats and employees with a high-level of research and training . Our fleet consists of multifaceted vessels such as Multicats and Shoalbusters. The workboats we quote for projects come equipped with specialized equipment such as hydraulic pins, hydraulic cranes, winches and more to fit the unique needs of each maritime project being undertaken.

In addition to the vessels we provide, our projects are fulfilled by a staff with over 30 years of working experience at sea. Having completed both large and small-scale projects for a variety of different companies, the team we employ is able to answer any questions that may pertain to upcoming projects.

A Record Of Successful Projects

Join over 30 companies who used our workboats to complete their projects successfully.

Companies like Van Oord, Jan De Nul Group, Boskalis and more have used our workboats to complete projects successfully all around the world.


In my capacity as Offshore Marine Manager for NMDC (Abu Dhabi), I hereby declare my satisfaction of the very good performance of both Albatross and Siskin displayed during the construction of the artificial islands in Upper Zakum Oilfield (2012-2014)

I would not hesitate to recommend these boats and their owners Herman Senior for any future project.

P.J. Jongejans

Offshore Marine Manager - NMDC

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