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Marine services

Anchor handling

Anchor handling operations

Anchor handling is one the many services we provide as Herman Senior has an extensive experience if it comes to anchor handling operations. We have completed many successful anchor handling...

Diving support

Diving support

Diving support is a service Herman Senior has been providing for a long time. Since the founding of the company, we have been involved in many diving support projects all around the globe...

Dredging support

Dredging support

Dredging support has been the core business for many years of Herman Senior, and we are proud to say at this present day it still is. With our modern fleet of versatile vessels, we support the dredging industry in many ways...

Geotechnical survey

Geotechnical services

Herman Senior has many years of experience in different kinds of geotechnical services. A few examples of the works that can be done on board of our vessels...

Offshore wind

Offshore wind support

Herman Senior has an extensive experience in the offshore wind support and renewables support. Not only offshore wind farms but also tidal energy projects have been successfully completed by our vessels over the years...

Oil & gas support

Oil & Gas support

Oil & gas support is the youngest service we offer within Herman Senior. Our vessels Siskin & Albatross are working full time in the oil field of Zakum which is located in Abu Dhabi...

Plough boat

Plough dredging

Ploughing is often used on dredging sites to even out irregularities in the seabed. But also in ports to swipe away high spots on berths, and to keep the port accessible to vessels with a deeper draft...

Diving support

Salvage & Anchor recovery

Our vessels have been working in salvage & anchor recovery activities since the company was originally founded in 1992...



Towing is a big part of the many services we provide as Herman Senior. We have many years of experience and a long list of successfully performed towages. These happen on projects (short distance towing), but also on long distance charter...

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