Herman Senior expands fleet with another vessel

On the 17th of January, 2014, Herman Senior and Damen Hardinxveld signed for the construction of a new Shoalbuster. The ship which hull is currently under construction in Poland and will eventually be phased out in the Netherlands by Damen Hardinxveld is a completely new type Shoalbuster.

 The vessel will be a 2713 type and is specially designed for Herman Senior by Damen. The ship that will be named Barney will be expected to depart around week 42 from Poland towards for the Netherlands.

 What makes Barney so unique?

  •  With a bollard pull of approx 30 ton at only 1,80 meter draft this vessel is made to operate in shallow waters.
  •  With her large accommodation available on the vessel Barney can accommodate up to 12 persons.
  • The vessel has a 4-point mooring system available, in combination with her large accommodation and work deck she is very suitable for diving operations.
  • The vessel will be certified with an anchor handling notation, this means Barney will comply with the latest regulations regarding safe work in Anchor handling.
  • The vessel is equipped with a moonpool. This in combination with her large accommodation and low fuel consumption makes her very suitable and cost-effective for 24-hour survey operations.
  • Barney can be used as a pull pontoon up to 50 tons!

 For the full specifications and general arrangement plan of the Barney please click contact us

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