Shoalbusters & Multicats

Onze Werkboten

Sinds de oprichting van de Herman SR hebben we onze vloot voortdurend verbeterd en bijgehouden. Deze dag hebben we moderne werkboten en multicats om jouw projecten zo goed mogelijk uit te voeren.

Shoalbuster Baloe

With a length of 23 meters, Shoalbuster “Baloe” is the smallest vessel withing our fleet. With a draft of minimum 2,10 meter and a bollard pull of 22-ton, she can operate without any problems in the shallow waters.

Shoalbuster Barney

Shoalbuster Barney is a unique addition to the Herman Senior fleet. Barney is a larger vessel with a spacious accommodation suitable for 12 persons in total and a fixed 4-point mooring system installed on board

Shoalbuster Bommel

The Shoalbuster “Bommel” is in our fleet since 2013. This strong workboat is well known of his anchor and tug specialties but she and the crew are capable to do a lot more.

DP2 Shoalbuster Brutus

Shoalbuster Brutus

35 metres in length, nearly 14 metres wide and with a free deck space of 150m2, the Shoalbuster Brutus will be the newest workboat of Herman Senior. This workboat will be owned and operated by Herman Senior from approx. June 2020.​

Shoalbuster Teddy

Shoalbuster Teddy

With a length of 23m and a bollard pull of 22-ton, Teddy is a new addition in the Herman Senior fleet. The ship is a second shoalbuster of this type within the Herman Senior fleet and will be owned and operated by Herman Senior from approx. April 2019.

Shoalbuster Siskin

The Shoalbuster “Siskin” has proven herself as a real allrounder. This workboat and her crew are real workaholics and have done a lot of oil & gas and dredging projects.

Multicat Yogi

Our vessel Yogi was the first Multicat within the fleet of Herman Senior. With this multifunctional workboat, we expanded our services to suit your projects and preferences.

Multicat Panda

The Multicat ‘Panda’ is slightly bigger than the ‘Yogi” and our second workboat in this category. She started in 2017 at Herman Sr and she and her crew are well known of her capabilities.

Frames, Ploughs, Anchors

With our equipment ready to go, we are very flexible and can help you with a high variety of different services.

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