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Here is an overview of all the current and previous projects where Herman Senior contributed to:

Year Project  
1992            Gaspipe installation at Mablethorpe  
1993 North Humbrian sewagesystem  
1994 Improving fishing harbour of grimsby  
1995 Construction acceschannel for Eastbourne Marina  
1996 Coastline reclamation, Ameland  
1997 Construction of coastal defence, Sea Palling  
1998 Dover and Folkstone sewage pipelines  
1999 Tay sewagesystem   
2000 Sandown & Cardiff sewagepipes  
2001 Acceschannel dredging and quaywall construction, Mostyn  
2002 Acces channel and container quaywall construction, Suez channel  
2003 Offshore windfarm Samso, Horns Rev and Arklow  
2004 World island project & Palm island project, Dubai (2004-2008)  
2005 Salvage Sulina channel, Romania  
2006 Gas pipe crossing Ijsselmeer  
2007 Offshore windfarm Q7  
  Cable laying project Roscoff  
2008 Agahada cooling water project  
  Rosmore port cruise terminal   
  Offshore windfarm Gunfleet sands (2008-2009)  
  Offshore windfarm Rhyll Flats (2008-2009)  
  Offshore windfarm Robin Rigg  
2009 Arge Luneort Vorbelastung  
  Harbour extention Ruwais (2009-2011)  
  Belwind Offshore windfarm (2009-2010)  
  Changing bowthruster for CMA CGM Ravel  
  Pre-lay of anchor pattern tidal turbines Orkney's  
  Assisting changing thrusters Solitair Allseas  
2010 Thanet Offshore windfarm  
  Nordstream Gas pipe Russian part  
  Stene Twins project Ostend  
  Nordstream Gas pipe project German part  
  Coastal reclamation Delfslandse kust (2010-2011)  
2011 Sandmotor project, The Netherlands  
  Sullom Voe gas pipe project, U.K  
  Norderney & Helwind cable lay project, Germany  
  Nordstream surveying, Germany  
  Sines port harbour extention project, Portugal  
2012 Laggan Tormore gas line project, U.K  
  Dolwin1 Offshore windfarm cable lay project, Germany  
  Riffgat Offshore windfarm cable lay project (2012-2013), Germany  
  Harbour extention project Klaipeda, Lithuania  
  Cable lay project Saint Quay Portrieux for tidal installation, France  
  Zakum artificial oil islands project (2012-2014), Abu Dhabi  
  London Gateway project, U.K  
  Salvage of pipeline Terschelling, The Netherlands  
  Water injection port of Wilhemshaven, Germany  
2013 Sylwin 1 Offshore windfarm cable lay project, Germany  
  LNG Terminal project Klaipeda, Lithuania  
  Ro-ro terminal renewal Purfleet, U.K  
  Replacement of lock doors Portbury, U.K  
  Salvage of river ship Bordeaux, France  
  Reclamantion works Westerschelde, The Netherlands  

Dolwin 3 project cable lay assistance, Germany


Ploughing campaigns several ports U.K


Bronka Project St. Petersburg, Russia


Aracruz harbour construction project, Brasil


Zirku pipeline project, Abu Dhabi

2015 Suez Canal extention, Egypt  
  Aracruz harbour construction project, Brasil  
  Panama canal extention project, Panama  
  Zirku pipeline project, Abu Dhabi  
  Beach replenishment project Constanza, Romania  
  KFE offshore windfarm project, U.K  
  Civil construction project for gangway in Harwich, U.K  
  Several ploughing campaigns, Europe  
  Borwin 3 offshore windfarm project, Germany  
  Ariella Island contruction project, Abu Dhabi  
  Causedo fairway deepening project, Dominican Republic  
2016  Harbour deepening project, Cuba  
  Punta Pacifica project, Panama  
  Port extention project Altamira, Mexico  
  Port extention project Veracruz, Mexico  
  Outfall pipeline project Wheatcroft, U.K  
  Rampion Offshore windfarm project, U.K  
  Several ploughing campaigns, Europe  
  Several towages, worldwide  
  CWA offshore windfarm project, Germany  
  Nordergrunde Offshore windfarm project, Germany  
  Riffgat Offshore windfarm project, Germany  
  Ndurance test run project, The Netherlands  
  Ruwais extention project, Abu Dhabi  
  Palm Deira extention project, Dubai  
  Zakum construction project, Abu Dhabi  



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