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About us

Company history

Herman Senior b.v. was founded in 1992 by Jack van Dodewaard. He named the company after his grandfather and originated from a family business which has its roots in the inland waters. The company initially started with one vessel named after Jack van Dodewaard his grandfather as well "Herman Sr" which was built in 1976.

The company started in 1992 as a one-man company. The small tug "Herman Sr" which sailed the Dutch and international waters for many years,  did many various jobs during these years mostly for the dredging industry. For a complete overview of projects done by our vessels, please click here.

Due to the requirement of more and larger tugs within the dredging industry, the decision was made to purchase a larger tug. In 1996 the new vessel came into the fleet named Tarka. This vessel was the second vessel ever build of this new type of shallow water tugs also known as Shoalbuster. 

After this type of ship had proved to be a huge success, there was decided in 2001 to replace the “Herman Sr.” with a brand new slightly smaller Shoalbuster. The ship received the name “Herman” which was named after the father of founder and managing director Jack van Dodewaard.

During the years the Shoalbuster type kept proving itself, not only in the dredging industry but also in the offshore and several other industries. Over the years Herman Senior had many newbuild vessels build and sold as well, here is a small list of all vessels owned and operated by Herman Senior b.v. over the years:

Year Name of vessel   Situation
1992                 Herman Senior                 Sold in 2001
1996 Tarka Sold in 2003
2001 Herman Sold in 2006
2004 Tarka (2) Sold in 2010
2006 Baloe Currently owned by Herman Senior
2008 Yogi Currently owned by Herman Senior
2010 Tarka 3 Sold in 2012
2012 Baloe 2 Sold in 2012
2012 Albatross Sold in 2018
2012 Siskin Currently owned by Herman Senior
2013 Bommel Currently owned by Herman Senior
2015 Barney Currently owned by Herman Senior
2017 Panda Currently owned by Herman Senior
2019 Teddy Currently owned by Herman Senior
2020 Brutus Currently under construction for Herman Senior

The one-man company has grown over the years into a company with more than 35 employees deployed over our fleet and office in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.

On this day, Herman Senior b.v. is still active in many different sectors of the maritime world. Even with our current fleet of seven ships deployed worldwide, we maintain the high standard as it has always been. With the help of our clients, we will continue to grow slowly in the coming years, and thus maintain our high service and quality we are standing for today.

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