High speed vessel

The high speed HDPE vessel Boo-Boo is indestructible due to her high quality hull.

High SPeed tender

High Speed Tender

Welcome to the ultimate solution for all your offshore and nearshore service needs – the High Speed HDPE Tender Boo-Boo. Our HDPE tender is designed with cutting-edge technology and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) construction to ensure unmatched durability, efficiency, and reliability in demanding maritime environments.

Key Features:

  • High Speed Performance: Engineered for rapid operations, the HDPE Tender Boo-Boo ensures you get the job done quickly and efficiently. Its advanced design allows for swift movement and excellent maneuverability, essential for various maritime tasks.
  • Durable Construction: Made from high-density polyethylene, our tender is resistant to corrosion, impact, and harsh marine conditions, offering long-lasting performance. This robust construction ensures that the tender can withstand the rigors of both offshore and nearshore environments.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for a variety of offshore and nearshore applications, including crew transfer, supply delivery, and emergency response. Whether you are transporting personnel, delivering critical supplies, or responding to emergencies, the HDPE Tender Boo-Boo is equipped to handle the task.
  • Efficient Design: Lightweight yet sturdy, the HDPE Tender Boo-Boo provides excellent fuel efficiency, reducing operational costs. Its efficient design minimizes fuel consumption without compromising on performance, making it an economical choice for maritime operations.

Why Choose the HDPE Tender Boo-Boo?

  • Reliability: Depend on our HDPE tender for consistent performance in challenging marine environments. Its reliability ensures that you can count on it for various operations, from routine transfers to urgent missions.
  • Safety: Designed with safety features to protect crew and cargo during operations. The HDPE Tender Boo-Boo prioritizes safety, incorporating features such as non-slip surfaces, secure seating, and reliable navigation systems.
  • Cost-Effective: With minimal maintenance requirements and high fuel efficiency, our tender offers an economical solution for maritime operations. Lower operational costs and reduced maintenance needs translate to long-term savings.


  • Offshore Oil and Gas Operations: Transport personnel and supplies efficiently to offshore platforms, ensuring timely and safe delivery.
  • Nearshore Construction Projects: Support construction activities with reliable transport of materials and workers, enhancing project efficiency.
  • Environmental Monitoring and Research: Conduct marine research and monitoring activities with a dependable and capable vessel.
  • Search and Rescue Missions: Execute search and rescue operations effectively, relying on the tender’s speed and maneuverability.

Experience the best in class with the High Speed HDPE Tender Boo-Boo. Our tender is designed to meet the diverse needs of offshore and nearshore services, providing a reliable, efficient, and safe solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our HDPE tender can enhance your maritime operations and deliver outstanding performance in every mission.


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Download Specifications

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This Workboat is specialized in:

Specifications of this Workboat


Delivery date:

May 2024


Tideman RBB 900

Basic functions:

Crew tender, stores, patrol boat, floating pipeline, sinker pipeline





8.90 m


2.50 m


0.30 m

Tank capacities:

Fuel oil:

420 liter


Speed Economical:

25 knots

Speed Maximum:

36 knots


1200 kg


8 x Shark Seats

Propulsion system:

Main engine:

1 xOXE 300XL Diesel

Total power:

300 BHP ( 232 kW)

Emergency Engine:

1 x Yamaha F15CMHL

Nautical and communication equipment:


1 x Raymarine AIS Class B


1 x RaymarineElement S12


1 x Speedo meter


1 x Raymarine chart plotter


1 x Raymarine VHF


1x Starlink

Additional information:

Push Bow:

1 x fixed push bow above water level

Removable push bow:

1 x removable push bow under water


1 x Galvanized trailer for road transport

Canvas cover:

1 x Canvas cover for weather protection for seated area

Power outlet:

1 x 230V power outlet

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