Chief Engineer (Hoofdmachinist)

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Job objective

Supervision of the technical personnel in order to ensure that assigned equipment is used in a optimal technical manner in compliance with safety, maritime and environmental regulations at all times.


This job description is a guideline for your function and contains the most elementary tasks and responsibilities. Any interpretation of this job description is at the discretion of your superior.

  • Supervision of the technical personnel.
  • Responsible for the planned maintenance system of the main and auxiliary equipment and the stock of the spare parts in corporation with the TD.
  • Ensures that maintenance and the stock of the spare parts is carried out in an efficient and most economical manner in cooperation with TD.
  • Implementation and execution of the Herman SR. Management System and company policy as well as the Standing Instructions and the Ship Security Plan.
  • Comply with national and international maritime law and regulations.
  • Checking and maintaining of safety and environmental regulations (e.g. ISM & ISPS) on board.
  • Yearly assessment of the technical personnel.
  • Education of crew on board.
  • Optimizing of the production and the continuity of the vessel.
  • To maintain the ships technical administration.
  • Planning of repairs in cooperation with the Master and the TD Superintendent.


  • Certificate of competence Chief Engineer all ships > 3000 KW
  • All required STCW certificates
  • Certificate DP Maintenance
  • Experience with DP/2 Vessels (Kongsberg)
  • Residing in the Netherlands
  • Being able to speak and write good English


Is authorized to make decisions and perform accordingly in order to execute the above tasks and responsibilities, always acting in accordance with the vessel related agreements, the Herman Sr. Management System, company policy, Standing Instructions, Ship Security Plan and (inter)national maritime law and regulations.

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